Alchemical Mentoring with Co-creative Energy Medicine Practitioner Brandie Kohl

The Body Oracle with Brandie Kohl

~ Facilitator ~ Alchemist ~ Mentoring ~

Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner

Co- creative Intuitive Healing 'Playshops' & Trainings

Sweet Successes!

Thank you so much to everyone who has supported this tour of Buffalo & WNY.

To all the beautiful souls who attended my events, I am sending us all great love, respect, and inspiration. I learned a lot over the course of seven months of planning, sharing, and developing these co-creative energy medicine workshops. My intentions for us all to step into the truth of ourselves, who we are at our core, and who we came to be. I look forward to sharing more & collaborating for the seasons to come.

So beautiful that 23 people pre-registered for both the Be Healthy Institute & Santosha Holistic Center. A master number for transformation + liberation. Our angels are working diligently to assist us, and we need to open the realm of inner communication to be present with our needs & priorites. I had the honor of presenting to over 50 amazing individuals taking their next steps on thier healing journey.


  Presence, Patience, & Persistence
“Healing Your Life & Living in Your Truth”

A grounded presence that brings ease to current situations, and circumstances… The breath as a source of inspiration & building confidence. Patience is key for true transformation! Be gentle with yourself, and others. Your persistence to learn and grow will enhance overall health & wellness.

Speak for yourself & on your behalf! Courage is the ability to speak your truth with love honestly.
Asking the right questions…does this, ‘x,y,z’ bring me joy?
How can I embody the qualities that I admire the most in people? What brings coherency in my life? How does resonance affect outcomes? What do you enjoy? When do you notice happiness, and a sense of gratitude? Who and what do you appreciate?
Surround yourself with people that uplift you.

If you’re feeling down or depleted, remember, do not isolate yourself from life. Yes, it is good + important to spend time alone with introspection but be aware that we are social creatures of habit.
As human beings, we need each other.

Our healing seminar will include:
*Importance of grounding
& centering with daily presence, patience, and persistence
A guided healing meditation to connect with mother earth,
and the elements of nature
Sound as medicine, using the voice to tone
& attune to the language of the Soul
As caregivers, we must fill ourselves up first.
Learn simple exercises to build vibrant energy

The Healer's Journey     
"Explore your true essence through joyful expression & creativity"

     Reading your body with attention to emotions & thoughts will help to discover an inner co-creative map to what brings you the most joy.  Attuning to the moments that enhance blissful union through the magnetism of your daily practice. Releasing tension and holding points to ease stressors while building resilience.

     You will learn about energy in motion with “EFT” the Emotional Freedom Technique. Where in the body do we feel manifestations of our creativity? How can we utilize the seasons to support our spiritual nature as a divinely embodied human being?  Also, clear energetic blockages with easy to learn energy medicine techniques for optimal flow. Using emotional alchemy, we will move beyond perceived limitations.

   *My story of personal healing as a lead into inspiring your action steps
    *Using your heart & hands to move energy blockages, soothe the body
    *Sensory expansion through cumulative practice – activating intuition
    *Energy centers, and the endocrine system.

Bio-tuning your electromagnetic field.


The Body Oracle Tour
Begins 2018

Promotional Poster
by Matthews Designing

At Santosha
Holistic Center
Friday, 3/23

John Masiulionis, of Empowered Publicity, Myself, & Sleep
Health Educator, 
Soda Kuczkowski

Presence, Patience,
& Persistence 2018.

With Angela Hewett-Abt, 
at Santosha

Welcome Vernal Equinox! ~Balance~