Alchemical Mentoring with Co-creative Energy Medicine Practitioner Brandie Kohl

The Body Oracle with Brandie Kristle

Facilitator ~ Alchemist ~ Mentoring

Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner

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Reviews from clients & students

  1. I highly recommend working with Brandie. She has a lot of wisdom, even having a conversation with her is transformational & full of love and helpful information. She is a kind and gentle soul.
    Angie Webster, Author
  2. The amount of intuition during the scan was amazing. I've never experienced anything quite like this, but I feel so calm, grounded, and happy after my session.
    Kayla Simoncini, Life Coach
  3. Loving the purity of energy which Brandie can create and share in her work. A great opportunity to go deep with someone who will understand the journey and share her wisdom with you for the better.
    Christine Francis, Artist
  4. Thank you again for a wonderful session! You hit on sooo many things that resonated with me and I look forward to continuing with the healing and re-programming. You are very light filled and I appreciate all your insights, caring and support in changing things for me.
    Vanessa Hanks, Attorney
  5. Our session was on my mind for days in the same way a life changing book sticks with you. In the weeks ahead, I felt lighter. My ability to tune in to what was serving me happened in a much clearer way. I feel like I'm still riding the clearing because creating has come to me with a lot more flow.
    Katie Burke, Modern Priestess
  6. Working with Brandie has helped to answer questions that I have been pondering on for years. All has been running smooth, and in sync physically, spiritually, emotionally & even professionally! Looking forward to more sessions in the future with this gifted woman whom I say holds "infinite intelligence"
    Rachel Chabut, Aveda
  7. You gave me SO much information I want to work with, so I’ll be doing some research on the topics you wrote about. What you are doing is amazing Brandie, I want you to know that I SEE you, and I am so grateful to have crossed paths with you.
    Iris Suurland, Nabalo Pathways
  8. I felt relaxed and held in a loving energy. She was very knowledgeable in flower essences. Brandie pointed out somethings that she sensed in my energy field that has helped me to gain more awareness about myself and my life. I loved the experience.
    Brenning Grammer, Wife & Mother
  9. She has been a wonderful teacher and has amazing knowledge of everything she teaches. What I have learned from her has helped me in both my personal life and on my career path. I look forward to many more classes and learning from her wealth of knowledge.
    Janet Toal, CRMT & Sacred Treasures
"I am grateful to learn from so many amazing Souls"