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Christine Francis, Artist & Motivational Speaker
      "Loving the purity of energy which Brandie can create and share in her work. A great opportunity to go deep with someone who will understand the journey and share her wisdom with you for the better."
Stephanie Krebs, Holistic Practitioner
     "I have only had the pleasure of getting to know Brandie the last couple of years. She is a very special person with energetic and healing abilities that are beyond anything I have experienced. Her presence is truly captivating. Her work has touched my family in many ways and leaves a lasting peace. I recommend any of Brandie Kohl's services to anyone. No matter if you would like a better understanding of yourself and your abilities, help with your surroundings or aid in a physical, emotional or spiritual way. She is extremely professional and thorough with her work. She will not only help you, but she will spend endless hours prepping and working on you or for you. Simply amazing! Brandie, there are just not enough beautiful words to describe how wonderful and gifted you are!! Xoxo​
Brandi Bruggman, Artist-Designer
  Soul Sister,

     "Thank you so very much for the beautiful healing! After a few moments of being connected with you I could definitely tell the difference. I felt it pull my spine upright and place me in a state of peace and bliss. I have felt this sensation with you before, but during this healing I felt as if the top of my head opened like a flower and there were moments when I felt a beam of energy go through my head and straight down, thoroughly surrounding my spine. This healing was far more physically intense for me this time around, and I was physically farther from you than I have been before. I love that this transcends time and space.

     Your gift is truly incredible and has definitely grown into its own so much since I met you. It was a wonderful and enjoyable experience! My arm is so much better! It's slightly stiffer and clicks once in a while but the shooting pains have stopped. No more numbness in my hand and I am able to use it with my left to pick small things up and move things. Days before I couldn't wash my dishes or cut food for dinner. The difference is amazing! And my gratitude for your help in healing me is immense! Thank you so much! Being able to draw yesterday, even though I had to take breaks, felt like I had my purpose back! So much gratitude for everything!

     Let me know when you're ready for me to read that book! I really look forward to it! 
Lots of love and light to you and yours!"

Buffie J, Florida
     "I've been Divinely guided to Brandie Kohl. She is a Conduit for the Love of our flows through her veins I feel this. An inspiration to me and a powerful Feminine Goddess Sister!

     After taking her course recently another profound shift has been taking place in my healing journey. I am still processing this energy love healing currently. So grateful for your heart, service and the level of Love and wisdom you share ~ your patience with me throughout I appreciate your example and Love deeply Sister.
Much Respect and Gratitude"

Jodi Piotrowski, Life Coach & Writer
      "I am so grateful to have received an energetic healing and calibration from Brandie. It was absolutely perfect timing, because when I received this there were some challenging situations occurring around me. Instead of worrying about them I actually felt immense love and compassion emanating from my body and a huge sense of peacefulness towards things that would have normally made me feel anxiousness.

     I feel like I was able to reconnect more deeply with my higher self and see the world and everyone with such enormous love. I had an absolutely beautiful day, and I know this energy has enabled me to dwell in a higher frequency magnifying my ability to manifest, and allowing me to connect on a deeper 'soul to soul' level with others. I am so appreciative that I experienced your beautiful healing gifts Brandie; your loving magical spirit is so inspiring, and I'm so excited for all the beautiful and powerful things that you are creating." 

"I received a Munay Ki empowerment and healing session from Brandie Kohl and it was very powerful. I had some very intense shifts going on the next day and she helped me to locate the areas that we clearing trauma and worked to shift that more easily. I was amazed at her medical intuitive abilities. She located things in my system that I had not mentioned to her or to anyone, mentioning specific muscle groups."

Angie Webster,

Author "Infinite Reiki, Infinite Healing"

I had the pleasure to participate with Brandie Kohl in the Munay-Ki Rites of the Shaman's Path. The nine Rites were given over three sessions. I found Brandie to be well informed about the rites and it was easy to tell she does work with them on a daily basis. I found her knowledge about the rites to be expert and complete. She was able to answer all questions any of the students had about the rites and how to use them. I particularly like the fact that Brandie used her own experiences to help explain parts of the Rites and was open to feedback from experiences other students wished to share. I liked the fact the Rites were broken into three sessions. I think it gave students the time to process what they had gone through and formulate questions and share experiences at the following sessions.
I would highly recommend anyone interested in the Munay-Ki Rites to select Brandie Kohl as their instructor.

Richard Hayden,

RYT-500, WMA, Usui/Holy Fire II ART/Master

Brandie's work and abilities are unlike anything else I have experienced. She is the most pure spirit with the highest intent and I always feel her energy in my heart centre. The Lion's Gate Light Language Course really helped to create major shifts in my life during eclipse season, which I continue to experience. It doesn't matter if you consider yourself a novice or a master, we are all one and the same in her circle and there is something for everyone in this course. Not only was it a safe and sacred space to gather with women of all ages, backgrounds and practices, but I learned so much about other modalities, energy work and myself through Brandie's teachings. I am so grateful to be able to experience her deep medicine.

Seanna Lawrence,

CEO & Lawyer

Vanessa, Spiritual Medium, New York
     "Brandie Kohl is a talented intuitive and healer. I received a healing from Brandie and also received the Munay Ki Rites from her through a three weekend workshop.

     Brandie was not only incredibly knowledgeable on the physical, energetic and spiritual aspects of healing; her disposition was compassionate and welcoming. I felt significant shifts in my health, energy and spiritual wellness after my session with her and the Munay Ki Rites.

     She is strongly connected to her spiritual guides and was able to shift my energetic state in ways that greatly affected my life in positive ways beyond what I could have expected. I have been to many healers and intuitives, and as an intuitive myself, know when someone is truly connected with the highest and best energies. I am thankful for Brandie’s help and amazing spirit. I would recommend her healing and intuitive services to anyone seeking a professional, knowledgeable and truly spiritually connected healer. Thank you Brandie!"
Salome Gaiachild Range, Whole-istic Wellness
     "I got a reading from Brandie which included the crystalline MAP of consciousness. Her reading was spot on and verified a lot of information I suspected and gave me new information which has been very helpful in my personal healing journey. I felt the energies at work before she started the session, and I continue to benefit from the energy work her and her teams facilitated. 

     I also had the pleasure of joining her Light Language Course, which was powerful and beautiful! I gained inspiration and a burst of energy dedicated towards building my business. The sound healings were great, and getting to know other healers was a pleasure!"
Meenakshi P, California
"I had a session with the amazing Brandie Kohl. It was done in a coning with both of our MAP teams present. Prior to this she'd shifted a lot of essences to me, and also did so during the session. I've had a bunch of energy work done on me over the years, none has been this powerful and healing! Thank you, Brandie!"
Andrea Cicchillo, California

    "Brandie, where do I start sweet sister. When you read the Bands of Power and Healer's Rites for me, that night when I went to bed I started to feel pulses of energy from my center move outwards. This experience was so beautiful. On another occasion I listened to you and Katie Burke on one the Modern Priestess videos, Katie is facilitating. Through this I learned of Perelandra Ltd and MAPS. Since I've started working with you and listening to your light language videos I have felt at times laying in bed, a sense of quietness that now has replaced what I use to believe quiet was. I AM ever eternally grateful to you and your work. I love you Brandie!!!"

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