Alchemical Mentoring with Co-creative Energy Medicine Practitioner Brandie Kohl

The Body Oracle with Brandie Kristle

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Enter a deeply sacred + transformational space

"Reweaving the Crystalline Matrix"

The Body Oracle with Brandie Kohl presents:
The Diamond Light Body + Energy Medicine Immersion

Light, Energy + Sound as Medicine
North Java, New York State

A two-part training + workshops each of about five hours in duration (depending on size of group)
to deeply attune to the priorities of our Being-ness.

In the first workshop, review + learn the daily energy routine, discover information about yourself from a medical mediumship + intuitive reading, a complete scanning of the electromagnetic energy field & aura surrounding your body. We will discuss energy blockages and how to clear them with energy healing modalities.

*Learn how to clear the muscle memory of shock, trauma, and/or karmic miasmic patterning.

Become more fluid & flexible in your embodiment.  With blessings to help others on their healing journey.

*Includes a bring a dish to pass communal meal on Friday evening*
(light + nourishing fare with organic fruit, vegetable platter, organic teas and waters provided each day)

Second day consists of repatterning the crystalline body-field through partnering with someone in the group to trace
& reconnect sacred geometric shapes in the meridian systems. Fully activating the light/sound body to allow for regeneration
& cellular renewal. Taking turns being both the receiver/client and the practitioner.

You will be guided every step of the way.
Also, opportunity to use + share your own creative expression.

Activate the Diamond Light Body, rewire to receive higher vibrational frequencies to sustain vibrant, healthy life.
Connect with your inner guidance and align more deeply with your gifts.
Open to receive messages from your Soul.

• All will receive a complete energy intuitive reading 3-5+ pages with documents + detailed notes. ($350 value)

• Learn about flower essences, and gemstones for vibrational healing. (for sampling + purchase)

• Learn about muscle testing, and how to use kinesiology for yourself. (You will practice + be shown a variety of ways to kinesiology test)

• Be able to clear yourself & others of energetic debris with sound, magnets, crystals, and hands. Working with divine energy, earth energies, and universal intelligence.

• Meals, healthy snacks, gifts + materials included...
more information coming soon!

Exchange Options:

Option 1)  $555 - Friday, August 24th in the evening,  6:00 pm - 10:00 pm

with communal bring a dish to pass dinner.  Review intuitive readings, questions/answer session.
Clearing + releasing ceremony. Begin to rewire to receive higher vibrational frequencies for healing.
Guests arrival between 5:15-5:30 pm.

At 10:00-11:00 pm light refreshments and group gathering.
For further information contact me, additons have been added and itinerary/schedule provided directly to your email when signed up.

+ Saturday, August 25th from 11:00 am - 5:00 pm
for Diamond Light Body Seminar + Energy Medicine Immersion.
Materials + documents to work with beyond the scope of this experience. Catered Vegetarian meal provided for lunch.

“Reweaving the Crystalline Matrix”

Saturday arrival will be between 10:00-11:00 am for those driving in.

Option 2)  $777  - Now $650 to stay in the Grand Room with up to 4 people. All Bedrooms fully booked.
Includes everything in option 1 + Beautiful overnight accommodations, organic + natural meals,
Luncheon prepared by an epicurian chef on Saturday, and two-part workshop, retreat and deeply healing immersive training.

Special morning meditation, alchemical breathwork, nada Yoga, dream council,
communal breakfast, crystals + health/beauty gifts.​.​
*Includes a follow-up mentoring session and call.

No refunds for this event but can apply payment to future offering.


Private Diamond Light Body appointments can be scheduled.
Next training dates will be May 2019 at the Full Moon Weekend.

Options for attending 1, 2, or 3 days...more information coming soon.

*Ticket prices will be adjusted and 'new' outline provided by March 1st 2019*
deposits to hold your spot can be sent to

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Questions for Registration:

I respect your privacy and will not share your information, email, or phone number with anyone else!
Contact me for more information and sign up for this once in a lifetime opportunity...