Alchemical Mentoring with Co-creative Energy Medicine Practitioner Brandie Kohl

The Body Oracle with Brandie Kristle

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“The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.”
~ Nikola Tesla

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I am glad you've visited my site!

Here is a lead into my personal journey. I have much to share as this develops...
       In the previous five+ years, I have been working to promote a deep sense of wellness, and healing environment in my sacred heart/soul work. Although, I've been organic gardening since 2005, and have a lifetime background experience in learning about nature intelligences, the lands, and culinary herbalism, my rapid evolutionary growth began in 2012 when I dove into learning more about the metaphysical modalities that would serve my physical embodiment, as well as my spiritual growth as a human being.

Photograph by Soda Kuczkowski, Owner Start with Sleep

Emotional alchemy began to unfold, I have been able to repattern my thoughts, and life to sustain my vision for the future generations. My intention to assist with the healing of ancestral, and generational traumas is bringing the most amazing individuals;
a real team effort into this co-creation.

​ My deep respect, and persistence allowed me to be initiated in to the lineages of healing that would eventually serve my family, friends, and now international clientele.  I've been leading women's healing circles since 2013 with presence, and urgency to bring a vast multitude of people together to clear, connect, and unify consciously.

Our efforts have been fruitful as I’ve prepared for my debut in Buffalo, New York for workshops. I've been interviewed, recorded, and look forward to being able to collaborate with beautiful souls all around the world. My interests involve integrating sound, light, and energy as medicine. Practical herbalism, flower essences for vibrational remedies, and solutions.  Sound healing frequencies & vibrations from instruments, voice, and nature that resonate in coherency with the global heart.

Coherency, rapid integration, physical regeneration, and cellular renewal is where my work is moving me. With the study of Energy Medicine, Eastern schools of thought bridged with the Western Philosophies, shamanism, the Munay Ki Rites from the High Andes Mountains of Peru, Japanese relaxing technique of Usui Reiki Systems, Epigenetics, Psychoneuroimmunology, microbial balancing, Quantum matrix mechanics & reprogramming of the holographic crystalline template for the Human Body.

In a grounded approach to health, and awareness of our multi-dimensional nature,
my hope is to assist as many people as possible, creating more leaders, while empowering everybody to step into their Healer & Intuitive Natures. I thank you for reading this introduction and look forward to sharing more about my journey to inspire you to walk in the truth of who we are, as our highest vision for ourselves, and humanity.

​Blessings for you this day and all ways!

​Love, Peace, & Light,
​Brandie Kristle, Priestess
​Co-creative Energy Medicine Practitioner