Alchemical Mentoring with Co-creative Energy Medicine Practitioner Brandie Kohl

The Body Oracle with Brandie Kristle

Facilitator ~ Alchemist ~ Mentoring

Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner

Co-Creative Intuitive Healing Classes & Trainings

My Mission Statement

To provide dynamic co-creative experiences for personal wellness, healing, spiritual growth,
and planetary transformation.
By restoring the body-mind-Spirit/Soul, and it's innate ability to heal & regenerate naturally.
My mission includes alchemical mentoring, trainings and energetic support with Nature
& Universal Intelligence.

Services Offered

Wellbeing for Mind-Body-Spirit

Through intuitive assessment of the energetic anatomy, and akashic records, we can locate and clear deep patterns within the electromagnetic bio-field and aura. Using applied or surrogate  Kinesiology, flower essence therapy, ancient + quantum energy healing modalities, Peruvian & Indigenous shamanic practices, the Munay Ki tradition from the high Andes, herbalism, crystalline `reprogramming & emotional freedom technique known as "EFT" developed by Gary Craig a system of Energy Psychology. Working with nature to sustain co-creative resources within and bring your desires to fruition.  We will also touch upon many conditions & talk about sensitivities from foods, chemicals, and other influences. 

  1. One of the first steps to your personal healing, intentional change, and/or spiritual transformation is being able to fully tune into your current priorities! Then, reading deeply what the body is telling you through it's messages of divine synchronicity & symbolism.

  2. Energy Healing is Soul Work, the Expression of the Sacred Heart includes wholistic & alternative practices that encompass multi-cultural techniques, and teachings. As an umbrella term that unites the visible foundation with it's invisible structures of our experience. The meridians & chakras are part of our energetic anatomy or "energy-field"  While the bones, muscles, organs, and even the microbes are our physical embodiment. Both having an effect on our electrical + chemical coherency in our cells. Donna Eden is an incredible teacher, and her book "Energy Medicine" is incredibly informational if you're ready to reach new depths in your personal healing. I am preparing another resource list for updated authors, healers, and teachers that have supported my personal and professional growth.                                                                      
  3. Personal & Sacred Relationship Body Oracle Sessions. Working in the body's bio-electromagnetic field, we'll make powerful shifts in a conscious way, and clear the channels for more union between the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of our humanity. You hold the keys within you to happiness, wealth, and abundance. Let's move forward with more joy in a co-creative way! I will facilitate a complete intuitive reading, and energetic clearing. Healing sessions will be included, as well as a unique style of alchemical mentoring that will assist with tuning into your own intuition, gifts & abilities to be activated & amplified for your highest good, and soul purpose.
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~ Align ~ Activate ~ Awaken ~

~ Reweaving the Crystalline Matrix ~

Nancy Lucina, Sound Healer, Doula & Women's Empowerment
     "Brandie is the real deal, a healer I can truly trust. I participated in one of her online courses and loved it. And the energy session I received from her blew me away! It opened up a lot for me and is continuing to do so. I'm so grateful. Brandie has a rare combination of incredible wisdom, knowledge, power and humility. I value a healer's ability to be humble and yet still stand in their power so much. Highly highly recommend working with Brandie!"

Brooke Rosenblum Photography

     "I would not be where I am today if it wasn't for the guidance, healing and mentoring through Brandie. I have been able to release so much through our sessions and have discovered a deeper peace within myself and my outer surroundings. I've worked with other healers but never anything as unique as what Brandie offers. She is genuinely gifted with infinite intelligence and truly a vessel for our Creator's love to flow through. More than a blessing in my life!"

Rachel Grzybowski, Esthetician, Aveda

Photograph by Jeremy Grzybowski

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Barbara Hallnan, Ph D. Healing Arts Practitioner at Crystal Bridge
     "Brandie is a gifted, compassionate, intuitive energy medicine artist. I've known Brandie's work for 5 years. Her ability to shift energy, clearly ascertain, see, and address physical, emotional, mental and spiritual issues is outstanding. I love working with Brandie, and highly recommend her."

Greyson Photography

     "Brandie is amazing, enlightened and gifted!
Just being in her presence will lift your spirit! I had a healing that cleared out "stuff" I didn't know I had, but BOY did I FEEL it!  Her classes are amazing and generate beautiful energy. The way Brandie is guided is beautiful! During our Intro to energy medicine class she shared a personal story that resonated strongly with me and actually helped release a mental block I was having myself. I experienced a great shift!
Thank you, Brandie for being the light!!"

Molly George, Energy Healer & Teacher


I am Brandie Kristle 
Offering intuitive guidance and support

My training has led me to conservation of natural resources,
early childhood education, human services, the fine arts & sciences. 
In my teens/twenties, I developed clairaudient + mediumship skills that have allowed me to make an impact in being able to assist, and guide the people that are drawn & connected to my heart's work.

I am remembering to embody the divine feminine essence in this lifetime,
connecting with medicine people, and am living in Western New York
with my kindreds. I've been an organic gardener since 2005.  Studying spiritual traditions from around the world to be able to understand inner workings of psyche & diverse cultures.  I plan to be a student of this living earth, it's plants, the animals, peoples,
and gorgeous landscapes throughout my journey!  

I've been studying with the earth's peoples + traditions all my life,
and developed an interest in culinary herbalism at age 7.  Through the years that followed, I began to open to my intuitive qualities, and expression of extra-sensory gifts + talents.  
My connection to Nature & our Creator has deepened as I've aged, matured,
and become a seasoned healer.  I'd like to thank my guides, mentors,
& teachers who have enriched my life. Bless You.

I offer co-creative energy medicine seminars, healing workshops, online classes, personal intuitive readings, remote/distance & in-person sessions, sacred rites of passage,
divine partnership counsel, soul language activation, ceremony & collaborative projects!

Contact for personal sessions,
collaborating co-creative workshops,
energy seminars & newsletter sign-up.

I look forward to working together!

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